Information and help

The search engine database contains information on the deceased with complete personal data and grave information and who have consented to its publication.

Virtual candles

When the grave search engine loads, all currently lit candles are displayed. At a lower zoom level, the candles are grouped  . By clicking on a group of candles zoom is automatically changed to the area of the selected candles. Clicking on the candle will display information about the candles for that grave. Additionally clicking on the message opens the details of the deceased described below “Show details”. When the details of the selected deceased are shown, the virtual candles are hidden.

Display of important objects

When grave search engine loads, important objects are displayed. At a lower zoom level, the objects are grouped . By clicking on a group of objects zoom is automatically changed to the area of the selected objects. Clicking on the selected object path will be displayed. You can also display a list of objects by clicking on the left side on .


Enter the name and surname of the deceased you are searching in the search input. When more than three characters are entered, the results are automatically displayed. The search is also performed by clicking on "ENTER" or . You can also search by only entering the beginning of name and surname and birth/dead year. You can further narrow your search results by using advanced search, where you can specify the year of death birth, select a graveyard and search only important descend. The search results include first and last name, year of birth/death (if any), the icon for virtual candle and important person. If the number of results exceeds one page, it is possible to continue to the next/previous page by clicking on the left/right arrows.

Show selected details

By clicking on the name of the deceased displayed in the results, information about the deceased is displayed. The map of the cemetery shows the path from the nearest entrance to the grave. When you are in the cemetery, the path is drawn from your current location.
Note: To show your location on the map you have to allow the internet site to access your location. When using location data from your mobile device, you have to take into account, that location is not 100% accurate. Circle around your position is displaying the accuracy of the signal. In case you accidentally disabled access to the location you can reenable it in the settings of the browser or by holding the icon of installed app.

Details and pictures of a grave

Where the details about the deceased are displayed by clicking on the “MORE” button, a picture of the grave with a “descriptive location” and information about the famous person are displayed. Additionally, you can click on the zoom button to open a picture of the grave in another tab.

Lighting a virtual candle

When displaying the details about the deceased you also have an option to light a virtual candle by clicking on "SHOW CANDLES/LIGHT A CANDLE". This will open a form to write a message and light a candle. A message can be added to the candle, but it is not mandatory. The virtual candle is lit for three days.

Additional features in the deceased details

In case we zoom or move the map, we can click (upper right) and go back to a position of grave and path. We can return back to the search by clicking on (upper left). By clicking the pin of the grave and deceased name, Google Maps opens and we can select navigation to the location of the grave.

General functionality

Grave search is based on Google Maps, so managing (zooming, moving, ..) on a map of the grave search engine is exactly the same as in the Google Maps application. The buttons at the bottom right are used to zoom in zoom out and zoom to your location . In case when the button for zooming into your location is red then the location on the device is not available and navigation using your location will not be possible. When details of the deceased are displeyd or by clicking on the location will be required. In case you accidentally disabled access to the location you can reenable it in settings of the browser or by holding installed app.

Installing the application

You can install the application Grave search on your device or personal computer. In most cases, the system will display a message or an icon to notify you that you can install the application. The proces is different on different os and browser. Before installing select the language, later on, the change of the language is not possible.



Windows (edge/chrome)

Mac OS (chrome)

If the graveyard search engine fails to deliver results, please call 01 420 17 00 (Mondays: 7.00 – 18.00, Tuesdays – Fridays: 7.00 – 15.00, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: closed).